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BC West Coast & East Coast of Vancouver Island

Gowlland Towing Ltd. boasts having one of the newest fleets in this region, if not the newest, and as such we are looking for crew that will take pride in their work environment and do their part in maintaining the fleet.


Obviously, preference will be given to those candidates who hold the appropriate certification and have coastal knowledge and log towing experience, however, there are plenty of opportunities for those candidates that want to start a new career in the marine industry. We offer a competitive compensation package which includes; full extended dental and medical plan, MSP payments, a confidential employee assistance program, and a company matching group RRSP plan. Wages are dependent on position, experience, and certification.

If you want to be part of an energetic, proactive company, please forward an up-to-date resume to Please note that copies of all up to date certificates and tickets will be required to be submitted to head office for verification upon being successfully hired.


Minimum Training Requirements:​

  • All certificates must be current

  • Seafarers Medical (150 tonne)

  • Meds required for ticket held

  • Basic Marine First Aid

  • 60-ton master limited, or 150-ton master ticket

  • WHIMIS 2015

  • Mechanical knowledge an asset for captains of our outside vessels as there are no engineers on any of our vessels


Key Demonstrated Strengths:

  • Previous experience in log towing

  • Positive attitude with an exemplary work ethic

  • Excellent communication skills both written and oral

  • A keen focus on safety issues including ongoing communication with Safety Coordinator, and safety orientations for all crew

  • Ability and willingness to train deckhands and mates

  • Ability to perform meaningful work appraisals on crew


Minimum Training Requirements:

  • MED A1 or required MEDs for certification held

  • Marine Basic First Aid

  • 60-ton master limited for vessels under 60 ton, or 150-ton chief mate ticket for vessels over 60 ton 

  • WHIMIS 2015

  • Food Safe

  • Mechanical knowledge is always an asset


Key Demonstrated Strengths:

  • Must have a positive attitude and be physically fit

  • Must always be fully engaged monthly safe company meetings and safety orientations with Captain

  • Must be able to work as a good team player with good communication skills


Training Requirements

  • Marine Basic First Aid

  • MED A1 or higher

  • WHIMIS 2015

  • Food Safe

  • Mechanical Knowledge is always a benefit

Key Demonstrated Strengths:

  • Must have a positive attitude, be physically fit and have a willingness to learn

  • Must always be fully engaged monthly safe company meetings and safety orientations with Captain

  • Must be able to work as a good team player with good communication skills

  • Must be able and willing to plan and prepare meals for crew


We have booming operations in Gowlland Harbour, Menzies Bay, Port Hardy, Nanaimo, Crofton and logging camps from time to time and are always looking for experienced boommen or people that want to be properly trained as boommen.

We are looking for suitable candidates that are willing to travel to job locations when not working locally.


Gowlland Towing Ltd. is open to pay for training for the right crew members. We pay half days while you are attending school and we pay for; all courses, books and out of town accommodation. We pay for these expenses as part of a formal education agreement that both parties sign and contains a reasonable employment commitment clause.

Gowlland Towing Ltd. believes that the investment in its’ crew only makes our company stronger which only benefits our customers.


Call: 250-286-3034 

   Fax: 250-286-3037      

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